The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Citelighter

Citelighter is fundamentally about helping students and teachers improve learning and performance. But here’s something even more fundamental: why did we decide to tackle these enormous issues, and how are we going about doing it?

In the video below, Citelighter CEO Saad Alam discusses the personal experiences that sparked his passion to co-start the company, beginning with a simple story about his brother’s academic struggles. He also notes our constant engagement with teachers to improve Citelighter’s functionality, and shares our excitement around creating a Google Docs-integrated platform—one that’ll let us study and enhance students’ research habits. Take a look!

NYC Diversity, as Seen via Twitter

New York City stands out as an extraordinarily diverse place, as the Citelighter team that lives and works here is privileged to see and experience every day. From Spanish Harlem to southern Brooklyn to eastern Queens, a wide range of groups collaborate, create, and commingle here.

But how do they tweet? This unique map below, courtesy of Science News, provides an amazing illustration of non-English tweets sent across the city, with Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and more highlighted. Check it out!

A Digital Bill of Rights?

Online learning has exploded. Courses and course-offering institutions proliferate. Colleges eye opportunities to lure new students. Major institutions are piloting programs to allow credits for courses.

Sounds like a pretty good time, then, to introduce something like this:

Dubbed the “Online Students’ Bill of Rights,” it offers a bold paradigm for expectations and needs of students and learners in the digital age, confronting issues ranging from data collection to programmatic outcomes.

Definitely worth a look – courtesy of

Two Telling Infographs on American Education

At Citelighter, we focus on making research and writing more efficient for anyone interested in learning. And the most basic and crucial component of learning, of course, is reading.

Linked here is a startling recent infographic on the state of reading in our schools among elementary school students—it shows just how important it is to academic and life success. Below is one element of it:

A more elaborate set of infographics was released recently by the United States Census Bureau, highlighting the strong link between school enrollment, attendance, and college success. Definitely worth checking out below: