Citelighter Launches PDF Capture & Storage Function

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                 January 14, 2013

Citelighter Launches PDF Capture & Storage Function

Turns Web Tool Into a Fully Functional Research Repository

Citelighter, the company responsible for the intuitive and easy to use fully automated research and citation tool, has released its newest educational product offering aimed at making research more credible, efficient, and productive.

With a release date of January 14th, 2013, Citelighter will now allow users of its platform to capture content from PDF documents, as well as store and capture information from offline PDF documents in their personal accounts. The feature is available to subscribers of the Citelighter Pro service, which currently has a price tag of only $10 a month. The Pro version of the product will function in the same manner as it has since its release in September, 2012, providing users with access to the Questia Database (a Cengage Learning product) while makings recommendations about relevant premium content based on a user’s research patterns.

The ability to capture PDF is a large step towards making Citelighter an even more advanced information hub and content repository for anyone conducting research. The newly added feature widens the breadth of functionality by allowing users to highlight from the Internet, Citelighter Pro (Questia), and academic information databases, as well as offline books and journals.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer Citelighter users the ability to capture information from yet another source,” said Citelighter CEO Saad Alam. “ The ability to capture PDF will expand the offering even more and will allow users to store information from an exponentially larger array of academically sound, credible content.”

In preparation for launching PDF capture, Citelighter optimized its plug-in support for the Firefox Internet browser. PDF capture for Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers will be available in Spring 2013, as will basic plug-in support for Microsoft Internet Explorer. In the coming months Citelighter will also be launching a word processing and complex analytics component for educators.


Citelighter is an academic research platform that allows students to save, organize, and automatically cite information on the web, and store these facts privately or aggregate them by topic to be shared with the community. Citelighter launched in September 2011 and is used by students in over more than 1,500 schools in 50 countries. –

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What is Citelighter?

What is Citelighter? Is it best described as  an automated citation tool? Or  a research platform? How about a knowledge library?

Citelighter features all those things. But as I’ve come to find out over the past couple months, here’s what Citelighter is really about: passionate and committed people coming together with the common goals of engaging teachers, helping students, and spearheading positive change in the tech-education space.

I joined Citelighter almost by accident: after spending years as a writer for newspapers, blogs, magazines, and non-profits, I wanted an inside look at a more entrepreneurial space. Citelighter’s CEO–my cousin–had for months been telling me with great excitement what his team had accomplished in just over a year: building a unique browser tool that allows anyone to quickly capture and organize facts with citations automatically saved, signing a major partnership with a large company in the academic space, and capturing awards for showcasing innovation in technology.

So when the opportunity arose to spend some time with the team to help out in a writing capacity, I jumped at it. The spirit of collaboration and camaraderie to achieve Citelighter’s goals was immediately self-evident, magnetic, and infectious.

Which brings me to the goal of this very blog: to bring you an inside view of everything our team is working on and thinking deeply about. Our core mission is to advance learning–helping students, teachers, and researchers–and our vision for doing so is participatory and inclusive. That’s why we think it’s important to share our passion with our audience: you.

In the coming weeks and months, we aim to bring you a steady stream of engaging and insightful content– whether it’s exciting new product features, passionate posts from teachers using our tools in the classroom, thoughtful interviews with leaders in education and technology, or examples of best practices for research and writing from students using Citelighter.

Our blog space has previously been in hibernation for some time, but that’s about to change. We hope you enjoy what’s to come—and I look forward to your feedback and recommendations for future content!

M. Junaid Alam
Director of PR