Grading Platform Release:

The grading platform is a massive overhaul of current features and a large assortment of new features. The grading platform adds the rubric creator to the project building process. The rubric creator allows teachers to create a grading rubric on Citelighter along with their project template as they would normally when creating a lesson plan. The rubric is optional and does not need to be created to assign a project.

After a student submits their project. The teacher can then grade the project outline and the Final Paper in Citelighter. Grades will be reflected on students projects and teachers will have a central location for all grades and grading. All the metrics of the students project can be monitored in real time and all final grades and metrics can be analyzed using Citelighter’s final grade analysis tools to help teachers find patterns and help students.

Additional upgrades to existing features include but are not limited to:
The ability to save a template and assign it at a later date.
The class over view page has been redesigned and revamped with new data and ease of use.
The My Projects page has been redesigned for stability and to match current style of the site.