Deployed fixes for the following issues.

– Save button is disabled for other elements in Template Builder when close Media modal with Cancel.
– Tooltip for “?” is displayed incorrectly on View Project page.
– Icon of writing space element is not aligned with the other elements in Project Outline.
– Page not found when opening the “{Status}” link in new tab for assignment with no rubric.
– Remove the readings data on lesson change.
– Upgrade message should be displayed on Teacher Tools page for non-pro students.
– Display a message on Resources page when CL Class user logs in from Premium page.
– Text placed incorrectly on the PDF message popup for non-pro users in Chrome.
– Error page is displayed when performing a search while page is not fully loaded.
– Project View – Uploaded files/link are not opened when click on readings titles.
– My Classes – “Class I’m enrolled in” container is too long and it is not aligned with “Recent Assignments” container at the bottom.
– Template Builder – Title field from Edit header pop-up is empty after specific steps.
– Upload PDF dialog, PDF files cannot be selected after specific steps.
– Modifications are applied when close the add/edit Header/Subheader pop-up with Cancel.