– My Classes page – Tooltip for assignment with long name is not displayed correctly.
– Emails not received on yahoo/gmail accounts.
– Classes with only spaces in the name can be created.
– My Classes – Recent Assignments – Assignment status is not set to Finished when the project is closed.
– Template Builder – No URL validation for “Add Link” resource.
– Drag&drop citation while holding CTRL key, Citation is inserted incorrectly.
– Selected citations are added in Project Outline when an outline element is drag and dropped.
– Modifications are applied when close the add/edit Header/Subheader pop-up with Cancel.
– Page not found when opening the “{Status}” link in new tab for assignment with no rubric.
– Needs upgrade message should be displayed on Teacher Tools page for non-pro students.
– Check For Plagiarism should be a view only mode on Classroom Portal.
– Inconsistency on the Sources values between teacher and student pages.
– Promo Code changes affect current users.
– Captures displayed without reference number on Print preview.
– XSS vulnerability – Scripts/tags added in tinyMCE and input fields should not be executed.
– Images are not displayed in exported Word and Google Docs documents.
– Duplicate assignment is not created for assigned assignments.
– Text on multiple rows from Citations is listed incorrectly in Outline.