Deployments and Hotfixes to
– Grading platform v2
– Encyclopedia Britannica v2
– Payment system improvements
– Plagiarism scanner improvements

Grading v2:

1. Fixed up and down arrows navigation through rubrics elements.
2. Multiple other front facing and back end improvements and bug fixes.

Britannica v2:
1. Multiple UI/UX changes
2. Bug fixes
3. Check if user has promo plan with a promo code with britannica access.
4. Cleanup code for default britannica level.
5. Britannica search general implementation, removal of V1.

Plagiarism scanner:

1. Multiple issues fixes
2. Remove charset for gdoc api
3. Multiple UI/UX improvements
4. Implemented warning system over Plagscan API connection.
5. Fixed the percentage values that was incorrect when having duplicate sentences in the text.
6. Added a migration to fix the cases in witch the plagiarized text from sources was not properly added to sources, and updated percentages as well.
7. Long text properly processing.
8. Added a check and a log for the special case when Plagscan API connection is timing out.
9. Added improvements to “Finished grading” action.
10. Fixed the asynchronous problem caused by two separate AJAX calls.
11. Improved the text displayed on the check plagiarism tab so that the text from every outline element added by the student appears in a different paragraph, there should be a newline between them.
12. Displaying just the content for the invalid HTML sources – the highlight is not applied because of the incorrect HTML structure.
13. Fixed the marking as not plagiarism of the last sentence highlighted on page, or the last source.
14. Added the special cases for the projects with no text or with less than 5 words. Made sure it works properly in print and PDF views.

Payment system improvements:

1. Fixed Stripe get subscription error – general function call without parameter (PHP error).
2. Cleanup on the Stripe payments workflow code (added try catch blocks for a better handling of exceptions threw by Stripe).
3. Added checks to be sure that the user wont receive any error if the Stripe response data is wrong.
4. Multiple Bug and UI/UX fixes and improvements


1. Fixed “Student grades from admin do not correspond with grades from registration page”bug.
2. Fixed issue #1113, search full width on my classes page
3. Reduced the google doc api calls.
4. 11. Fixed the project view infinite scroll and the condition that verifies if new elements should be added.