– My Account page – Industry information is not displayed.
– Fixed the left margin to indent when sending an email.
– When editing a Promo code the current promo code should be displayed.
– Fixed an incorrect error message on “Edit promo code” page.
– Fixed displaying large user names on the header.
Various Fixes #1860:
– Fixed an issue where The download button is too close to the text.
– Class Overview – On small resolutions there is no white space between the bottom elements.
– Remove new extension warning when add/edit a citation.
– Rubric – Incorrect display for the last student.
– Teacher/Student Overview – When print a graded assignment an error message is displayed.
– Grading – When Export to PDF in the new opened tab a error message is displayed. Also for Export to PDF from Google Doc View.
– When the uploaded image has a long title, The “Chosen File Name” is not centered.
– In the parent confirmation mail the image is not displayed correctly.
– The extension update pop up from Knowledge base is not the same as other pages.
– On Knowledge-Base the Update notification pop up is not responsive.
– Remove “Feedback” button on class overview page.
– At Knowledge Base the submenu is incorrectly positioned.
– Removed a duplicate update notification bar in Firefox.
– Capturing a large image is not correctly displayed.
– Fixed column alignment on project overview page.
– Removed the ability for students to edit the information of teacher assigned projects.