– Deployed Self Contained Writing Platform described below.
– Solved an issue where rubric builder is not adding
– Solved a Production Error

Self Contained Writing Platform:

Deployed the self contained writing platform which is a complete overhaul of the Student facing project page as well as changes to the template/lesson creation page. The student will have a completely redesigned view with improved UI/UX with changes to the captures and outline containers. Along with the captures and outline containers are now the readings and drafts containers. The readings container will display web pages in full native view as well as a readability view for the student to capture from. The readings container will also display pdf and media files uploaded by the teacher during lesson creation. The drafts view is a self contained writing system that allows the student to write directly in Citelighter. There is no longer the need to leave Citelighter for the students to write their paper. Students can create multiple drafts and submit their draft or outline directly to the teacher for grading.