Build V.1.34.0

  • Delete lesson from the importer #3047
  • Change Label of Feedback Button #2185
  • Outline view: “Your Project Outline has been saved” information from the footer appears twice #2211
  • The Reset button from the toolbars settings appears different in FF and Chrome #2531
  • No message displayed on student’s assignment view when teacher deletes assignment #2714
  • Auto-wrap is not done in FF in the Readings container #2797
  • Blank page added when printing a Google Doc #1272
  • Undefined displayed on the Plagiarism column for older assignments #2885
  • Print and Email project – List bullets displayed before outline elements #1337
  • Delete Class Bug #1618
  • Incorrect message displayed for student when teacher is closing the assignment #2525
  • Check For Plagiarism button displayed incorrectly when switch between grading views #2615
  • Alert messages are displayed with incorrect style on registration pages #2473
  • Incorrect validation for password #2808